1,000 Roof Inspection Challenge

Express Restorations is partnering with the Indiana Fire Chiefs Association to host a fundraiser to raise money for the Hoosier Burn CampOur goal is to get 1,000 roof inspections in 90 days to raise $50,000.00 as a minimum donation to the Hoosier Burn Camp.

Express Restorations is going to give a donation with a minimum value of $50,000.00 to the Hoosier Burn Camp in return of 1,000 roof inspections. We are targeting roofs in areas that have been affected with wind and hail.  If we reach the 1,000 roof inspections, $50,000.00 will be donated. For each roof that Express Restorations gets a signed contract for and finishes the work, an additional $250.00 will also be donated on top of the $50,000.00.

If 1,000 roof inspections are not met, a donation of $50.00 per roof inspected will be donated, as well as $250.00 per roof that has a signed contract and finished work.

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