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Proudly Serving Communities Throughout Central Indiana and Beyond

At Express Roofing & Restoration, we provide high-quality roofing solutions and exceptional restoration services to both residential and commercial clients. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is reflected in our wide range of services, which are available to customers throughout Central Indiana. When you need a restoration services or a roofer in Indianapolis, IN or any nearby cities, never hesitate to reach out to us. We can be there right away to provide you with immediate assistance, regardless of the services you need. 

Professional Roofing and Restoration Services for Any Need

High-Quality Residential Roofing Services

Our residential roofing services are designed to meet homeowners’ unique needs, ensuring your home’s safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Services offered by our team of professionals include: 

New Roof Installation: Whether you are building a new home or replacing an old roof, our team uses high-quality materials and advanced techniques to provide a sturdy and long-lasting roof.

Roof Repairs: From minor leaks to major damage, we handle all types of roof repairs to protect your home from water damage and other issues.

Roof Maintenance: Regular maintenance helps extend the life of your roof. Our services include inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs to keep your roof in top condition.

Roof Replacement: When your roof has reached the end of its lifespan, our experts will replace it with a new, high-quality roofing system that meets your needs and budget.

Expert Commercial Roofing Services

For our commercial clients, we understand the importance of a reliable roofing system for the smooth operation of your business. Our commercial roofing services include:

Flat Roofing Systems : Ideal for commercial buildings, our flat roofing solutions are durable, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain.

Metal Roofing: Known for its longevity and low maintenance, metal roofing is a popular choice for many commercial properties.

Modified Bitumen Roofing: We specialize in installing options such as modified bitumen roofing systems, which are known for their durability and flexibility and are ideal for commercial properties requiring reliable weather protection.

Roof Coatings: Extend the life of your existing roof with our high-performance roof coatings that protect against UV rays, water damage, and other environmental factors.

High-Quality Restoration Services

In addition to our roofing expertise, we offer comprehensive restoration services to help you recover from unexpected damage. Our restoration services include:

Water Damage Restoration: Our team addresses water damage promptly, repairing and restoring affected areas to prevent mold growth and further structural damage.

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration: We help restore your property after fire damage, handling everything from structural repairs to smoke and soot removal.

Vehicle Impact Restoration: Our vehicle impact restoration services ensure swift and thorough repairs to properties damaged by vehicular accidents, helping to restore structural integrity and appearance.

Our Team is Ready to Help You

We proudly offer our restoration services and roofing in Indianapolis, IN, and throughout the surrounding areas. No matter where you are located, our team is ready to provide the highest-quality services possible to meet your needs. If you don’t see your city listed here, we invite you to give us a call. We’re continually expanding our service area into new locations throughout Central Indiana. Reach out today at (317) 951-9068 if you’re ready to learn more.